Pro Zdenka Kabli

“Pro Zdenka kabli”  is a cable factory from Negotino – Republic of Macedonia. It provides construction, design, production, testing, development and marketing of cables. 

The company has established in 1990 as “Zdenka  Negotino” – cable factory. At the beginning it produced several types of cable. 

After the investment of the new factory building in Pepeliste - Negotino, it expanded its range of cable production.

From 2011 it became “Pro Zdenka Kabli” cable factory. 

In this very moment,  the factory operates  in two plants on total area of 7000m². There is a performing project about third factory building. 

The quality of our products is the result of continiosly updated machinery, test devices and reliable computer system which covers all of the sections of process. The company is performing all of the quality operations  through the policy for quality :  complete fulfillment of the demands  of the buyers,  constant improvement of the quality of our products, correlation of the quality of the products  according  to the demands of standards, safe delivery and delivery in time  of our products to the buyers.

Cable factory “Pro Zdenka Kabli” has implemented and maintains a system ISO 9001:2008 approved by SIQ.

Our production program consists of : 

- Flexibile cords

- Installation cable

- Power cable up to 1kV

- Bundle assembled cores

- Bare conductors and ropes

Apart from received  certficates of credential institutions, all cables are manifactured according to international standards such as VDE, IEC, MKS, NF, HD, BDS.

The 70% of the production of “Pro Zdenka Kabli” is intended for foreign markets (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Slovenia, Bulgaria),  and 30% is intended for domestic market.

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