H05VVH2-F Flat sheated flexibile cord 300/500 V


Designation: Standard:
H05VVH2-F  HD 21.5 S3, IEC 227-5, DIN VDE 0285-525-11
PP/J -U 
MKS  N.C3.302




Cable for use in domestic premises, kitchens and offices. For use with light portable appliances such as radios, table lamps, hanging lamps and office machines.



1 - Conductor : Fine stranded copper , class 5
2 - Insulation : PVC compound
3 - Jacket: PVC compound


Technical data:

Number of cores, nominal cross cectional area
Maximum resistance of conductor at 20⁰C Overall diameter (approx.) Net weight (approx.) Resistivity of insulation at 70⁰C Packing - coil
Number x mm² Ω/km mm kg/km MΩ·km m
2x0,75 26 4.0x6.6 38 0,011 100
2x1 19,5 4.0x6.8 61 0,010 100


Nominal voltage  300/300 V
Test voltage
2000 V 
Operating temperature   0⁰C - 70⁰C
Short circuit temperature 160 ºC


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