PVC Insulated Single core Cable 300/500 V



Designation: Standard:
HD 21.3 S3, IEC 227-3, DIN VDE 0285-525-2-31
P MKS  N.C3.200


In dry locations, for permanent layer in tubes wich may be installed over or under the mortar as well as on insulators. Used in tunnels and technical equipment rooms. Not for external applications.



1 -  Conductor : Solid copper , class 1

2  - Insulation : PVC compound

Technical data:

Number of cores, nominal cross cectional area
Maximum resistance of conductor at 20⁰C Overall diameter (approx.) Net weight (approx.) Resistivity of insulation at 70⁰C Packing - coil
Number x mm² Ω/km mm kg/km MΩ·km m
1x0,5 36 2,1 9 0,015 100/200
1x0,75 24,5 2,3 12 0,012 100/200
1x1 17,1 2,5 15 0,011 100/200


Nominal voltage  300/500 V
Test voltage 2000 V
Minimum operating temperature   -15⁰C
Maximum operating temperature 70⁰C
Minimum bending radius 4x cable diameter


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